Best rated freight forwarding services for sea and air cargo in Brisbane

Shipping goods in bulk can become time consuming and costly for businesses especially the ones requiring imports and exports. Professional freight forwarders increase the operational efficiency of shipping goods while reducing the costs. A freight forwarding company acts on the behalf of the shipper to deal with the transportation company and manage other logistical requirements for shipping goods globally or domestically. It plans and executes each and every step of freight shipping with a focus on making the entire process affordable and reliable for the shipper.

Freight and More is proficient in handling the transportation and logistical requirements of both international and domestic freight. It is the best option regardless of whether you are seeking the services of an air or Sea Freight Forwarder Brisbane. The cargos are tracked constantly and the shippers are kept updated about the same.

Sea Shipment Services

Sea shipping makes up the major percentage of global freight movements. This is because moving large volumes of goods through the sea route is cost effective for the business enterprises. A host of logistical requirements need to be fulfilled for sea freight shipping.

Freight and More is a leading Sea Freight Forwarder Brisbane. It has extensive links with all the major merchant marine shipping lines and manages a substantial part of the sea cargo moving in and out of Australian ports. The sea shipping experts of the company select the best sea transportation providers and routes for the shippers on the basis of several factors. Moreover, the company also negotiates the freight charges and port charges on behalf of its clients. Cargo insurance policies are also purchased at the best rates.

Freight and More handles both Full Container Load and Less Container Load of sea cargo. FCL refers to the cargo which occupies the entire space in the shipping container while LCL refers to the cargo which does not have enough dimensions to fill an entire container. Freight consolidation services are provided for LCL shipments to reduce costs.

Air Shipment Services

Freight and More provides freight forwarding services for all kinds of air shipments such as medicines, machinery, perishable items, currency notes, jewellery and others. It has strong links and relationships with major airline operators within Australia and abroad. The services include cargo space booking on passenger airplanes or cargo aircrafts at best rates, documentation processing such as airway bill, loading, unloading and delivery.

Customs Clearance Services

Freight and More has its own network of customs brokers at seaports and airports within Australia and other countries. Whether it is export customs clearance from the origin country or import customs clearance at the destination country, the customs agents at both ends prepare and furnish the required documents as per relevant laws to get the goods cleared by the customs authorities.


Freight and More handles freight shipping for businesses of all sizes right from startups to large organisations. Free price quotes can be obtained from the company by filling the online form present on its website or placing a call on 03 9867 4544.