High-end forwarding services for various kinds of freight in Melbourne

Businesses with bulk shipping needs such as the ones importing and exporting goods need transportation and other logistics to ensure smooth movements of their shipments. However, this process tends to become costly and time consuming for businesses. Freight Forwarder helps by increasing the operational efficiency and decreasing the cost of importing and exporting goods by acting as an intermediary between the shipper and the carrier and performing all kinds of operations right from selecting the carrier and negotiating the freight charges to managing the inventory and preparing the required documents.

Freight and More is a highly rated freight forwarding company offering services to efficiently manage all the aspects related to movements of goods. It is a top air and Sea Freight Forwarder Melbourne and not only manages international shipments for imports and exports but also offers interstate deliveries.

Services for shipments through the sea route

Freight and More has links with major merchant marine shipping lines and provides the best deals to its customers for sea freight shipping. Sea freight forwarding services are offered for both Full Container Load and Less Container Load. Full Container Load is a term referring to cargo or shipment which has enough dimensions or volume to require the full space of the container and the shipper of such a cargo owns the entire container. Less Container Load, on the other hand, is a cargo which cannot occupy the full space of a container and is shipped alongside other cargos within the same container. This company works with its clients to determine whether they need FCL or LCL.

Freight and More can handle all types of containers such as standard dry containers, flat rack containers, refrigerated containers and tank containers used for sea freight. It helps in selecting the best containers with regards to dimensions such as internal length, width and height and capacity along with other features such as container weight and maximum payload weight.

Freight and More has agents in major ports across the world and in Australia to enable smooth movement of export and import goods through the customs. Altogether, it is the best Sea Freight Forwarder Melbourne which manages a significant amount of sea freight in and out of Australia.

Services for air cargo movements

Freight and More offers freight forwarding for air cargo either onboard passenger aircrafts or specially designed cargo aircrafts. It has links with many major airliners to optimise the cargo spaces on the aircrafts at the best rates on behalf of its clients. All kinds of legal cargos including high-value and hazardous goods are handled by this company.

Freight and More manages each and every aspect of air freight such as documentation including customs, insurance and air freight logistics. Services are provided for both domestic as well as international air cargo movements.


Freight and More provides free no-obligation price quotes swiftly. The services are available for both first-time businesses as well as established companies wanting to minimise shipping costs and maximise profits.