Multimodal freight forwarding services in Brisbane

Coordinated movements of goods from one place to another through air, sea, rail or road is the basic definition of freight forwarding. Movements of goods especially on a global scale through international borders involve complex logistics and planning which may not be within the expertise of businesses requiring freight movements as an important part of their operations. In this scenario, enlisting the services of professional freight forwarders becomes necessary. Freight forwarders are proficient in efficient and cost effective transfers of goods. They manage the entire process right from tariff negotiations and fulfilling the requirements of sea/air/rail/land shipping to customs regulations and cargo deliveries.

Freight and More is a highly rated and experienced professional freight forwarding company offering specialised air and Sea Freight Services Brisbane. It has a wide international network to facilitate smooth international shipments for imported and exported goods. In addition, the services also cover interstate or domestic freight movements.

Multiple shipping modes covered

Merchant marine is a major shipping mode for international movements of goods. Huge volumes of goods can be shipped at cost effective rates through sea shipping. Freight and More offers Sea Freight Services Brisbane for both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load of cargos. FCL means the cargo occupies the entire space in the shipping container and the shipper is required to book the entire container. LCL refers to the cargo which doesn’t occupy the entire container and can share space with other goods in the container. Freight consolidation services are also offered to group multiple LCL cargos in a single container to save costs if required by the shippers.

Freight and More works with major sea shipping lines operating on a global level. As a result, it is able to negotiate the best freight rates on behalf of its clients. Moreover, the experts of the company also determine the most cost effective and swift sea routes for the goods. Port charges and other expenses are also negotiated by the company. Cargo loading, unloading, tracking, delivery and insurance are all managed efficiently.

Air freight forwarding also features among the services offered by Freight and More. The company has links with major airline operators to get the best rates. Right from cargo space booking to coordinating the smooth movements of air freights from one place to another, each and every step of air freight shipping is executed perfectly. All kinds of legal air cargos are handled by the company.

Customs services

Freight and More offers customs brokerage services to get the goods cleared by the customs authorities. The agents of the company present at the origin and destination airports and sea ports use the correctly prepared documents such as customs declaration forms and others to pass the goods through the customs desks without legal hassles.


Freight and More has the expertise and resources to handle all kinds of logistical requirements to ship cargos all over the world. The company has its offices not only in Brisbane but in many other cities in Australia.