World class services for freight movements in Brisbane

Freight forwarders are not carriers of goods themselves but act as an intermediary between the companies making the shipments and the shipping companies to manage the movement of the cargo from origin to destination. Since freight forwarders handle large volumes of shipments, they are an essential part of the global supply chain. Their services include supply chain optimisation such as determining the best means of transport and best routes as per multiple kinds of variables, cost negotiations to the get the best deals for its clients, cargo insurance, document processing and more.

Freight and More is a highly experienced and reputed freight forwarder offering services for both air and Sea Freight Shipping Brisbane. It has a highly professional team to manage both international shipments as well as domestic freight movements. The company handles all the transportation and logistical requirements tailored to the particular needs of the cargo and the shipper.

Features of the Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Sea is the major route to transport goods globally. It is a cost effective way of moving large volumes of goods between countries. Freight and More provides comprehensive services for Sea Freight Shipping Brisbane. It has links with major transoceanic liners to facilitate smooth transportation of sea cargo. The company negotiates the various costs such port charges, carrier charges, cargo insurance premiums, surcharges and more on behalf of the clients.

Freight and More handles both Full Container Load and Less Container Load of sea freight. FCL means the cargo is large enough to fill the entire space of a standard shipping container. LCL refers to the sea cargo which is not large enough to fill an entire container and shares space with other cargos in the same container. The company provides correct advice to select between FCL and LCL based on the dimensions and nature of the cargo and the required speed of shipping.

As regards the types of sea containers, Freight and More handles all kinds such as standard dry containers, refrigerated containers, flat rack containers, tank containers and more.

Features of Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air shipping is the most preferred method for highly valuable or time-sensitive freight such as machinery parts, medicines, currency notes, perishable items and more. Freight and More has links with major international airliners which enables it to book cargo spaces on airplanes at the best possible rates depending upon various factors such as space, speed, route and others.

Paperwork processing

Whether it is sea freight or air freight, the customs clearance services of Freight and More ensures that the customs documentation is in order to pass the checkpoints at the origin and destination seaports and airports. Moreover, other essential documents for international shipments such as import/export clearance, invoice, bill of lading and others are also prepared by the experts of the company.


Freight and More is known for its industry-level expertise to handle freight forwarding for various volumes and natures of goods. Its services can be enlisted by both new businesses as well as established companies.