Efficient freight shipping solutions for business enterprises in Melbourne

Imports and exports fetch high revenues and profits for business organisations. However, improper management of bulk shipping can result in financial losses which offset any gains. Managing the complex logistics of moving freight on a global scale is not the forte of most businesses. In this scenario, the services of professional freight forwarders becomes necessary. Freight forwarders act on behalf of the shippers to manage each and every step of freight movements. They work with transportation companies to ensure smooth movements of shipments through sea or air.

Freight and More is a highly experienced professional freight forwarding company specialising in both international and domestic shipments. It offers comprehensive services for both air and Sea Freight Shipping Melbourne. The company manages each and every aspect of freight shipping right from optimised route and carrier selection and warehousing to customs clearance and delivery.

Sea Freight Management

Sea is the major route for shipping large and heavy goods all over the world. The sea shipments are transported in shipping containers onboard merchant shipping vessels. Freight and More is the go-to freight forwarder for Sea Freight Shipping Melbourne to and from ports in Australia and other countries.

Freight and More has contacts with major shipping lines and can be relied upon to book cargo spaces at the best possible rates. Port charges, cargo insurance premiums, customs fees and other charges are also negotiated by the experts of the company to ensure maximum benefits for the shippers. Loading, unloading, container tracking, warehousing and customs clearance are all managed efficiently.

The services cover both the categories of sea freight; Full Container Load and Less Container Load. FCL means the cargo owned by a single shipper occupies the entire space in a shipping container. LCL, on the other hand, refers to the cargo which cannot occupy the full space inside a shipping container and needs to share space with other cargos belonging to other shippers. Freight consolidation is carried out to ship LCL cargo at reduced rates.

Air Freight Management

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for all types of legal air cargo such as currency notes, medicines, machinery parts, jewellery, perishable food products and others. It works with major airline operators to get the best deals for its customers. The air freight experts of the company negotiate the optimal charges for booking cargo spaces on passenger airplanes or cargo aircrafts, air freight insurance and others depending upon speed, space and budgets of the clients.

Freight and More ensures complete compliance with the various rules and regulations governing air shipping which is a heavily regulated market. Customs and other air freight documents are prepared correctly to ensure seamless transportation of air cargos from one place to another.


Freight and More has a wide network of offices across Australia. Thus, its services are not only available in Melbourne but many other cities as well. These include Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.