Comprehensive freight forwarding services for international shipments in Brisbane

Trading in globalised market entails the need to import and export cargos. Whether it is raw materials for the manufacturing facilities or finished goods for foreign markets, business enterprises are required to ship their cargos on an international scale. However, managing other business operations leave little time or resources to handle the shipping process as well. This complex undertaking can be delegated to professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are not carriers but act as agents for importers and exporters to manage the logistics processes on their behalf. These include carrier space booking, paperwork processing, warehousing and insurance.

Freight and More offers the best services to manage international movements of both air and Sea Shipment Sydney. It provides end-to-end transportation solutions for imports and exports in a cost-effective manner without compromising on the speed and efficiency of the freight movements. Apart from international shipping, the company also manages domestic freight movements.

Global Shipments

Freight and More has a wide network of offices and agents spread all over the world. To be specific, the distribution and storage network encompasses Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia. This network helps the company in coordinating freight movements across nations in a highly efficient and swift manner.

Freight and More has links with airline companies and merchant marine shipping companies to organise the transportation for international air and Sea Shipment Sydney. It books cargo spaces onboard airplanes and ships at cost effective rates. Complete freight-related services such as packaging, loading, tracking, unloading and consolidation are also provided to the clients. Warehousing and storage solutions for imported and exported goods also feature among the services.

Freight and More completes the paperwork required for importing and exporting goods on behalf of its clients. It prepares the complete set of documents such as packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading, power of attorney, letter of credit, import or export clearance certificate and license and any other special certificate required by the government agencies in origin and destination countries.

Customs services are also provided to help in completing the customs clearance procedures. The required customs paperwork for international shipments such as country of origin certificate, customs declaration sheet, custom bond and insurance proof is obtained by the customs agents of the company.

Domestic Shipments

Freight and More provides freight forwarding services for interstate shipments as well. The agents and offices located across states in Australia enable swift and convenient solutions for domestic freight movements. The shipments are transported through sea, air, rail or road or a combination of multiple modes.

Local door-to-door transportation is also provided by the company. A large fleet of vehicles are used for this purpose.


Freight and More combines high-grade customer services with competitive rates. The services are available for not only large business enterprises but also for small and mid-sized businesses including new startups.