High-end services for international and domestic freight forwarding in Perth

Moving large volumes of goods between countries is a complicated exercise and the companies engaged in import and export of goods find it very difficult to manage shipments apart from their regular business operations. Thus, companies all over the world depend on freight forwarders to manage the various aspects of freight movements. Freight Forwarders do not transport the cargos themselves but act as an intermediary between the shipper and the receiver of the goods. From optimising the transport costs and obtaining cargo insurance at competitive premiums to cargo tracking and customs clearance, a freight forwarder manages a plethora of tasks related to freight movements.

Freight and More is a professional freight forwarding company having vast experience and industry level expertise in managing international and domestic cargo shipments. Whether it is transporting goods through sea/air/road or managing the legalities of international shipments as per customs and Trade Agreements Perth, Freight and More provides comprehensive solutions for freight forwarding.

Management of international shipments

Freight and More has a large network of offices and agents spread across continents such as Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia which enables it to provide the best freight forwarding services for exported and imported goods. The company manages international freight movements through both sea and air routes.

International freight forwarding is subject to many regulations and compliance requirements which can vary from one country to another. Freight Forwarding provides expert advice and prepares the required documents to meet the regulatory needs. The services include but not limited to compliance with customs rules and import/export regulations, specific industry regulations as per the nature of the cargo, biocargo and quarantine requirements, country of origin and Trade Agreements Perth.

Freight and More deploys its agents at sea ports and airports across Australia and other countries to send and receive the shipments and expedite the movements of the same through customs and other authorities. The agents have the required documents in order to smoothly get the shipments through sea ports and airports and to the final destinations.

Management of domestic shipments

A fleet of transport vehicles is available with Freight and More for domestic freight movements via road. These include standard trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers. Local door-to-door freight delivery service is also provided to the customers.


Freight and More takes care of all the transport and logistical requirements of businesses and provide constant updates about the status of the cargo. The company provides free price quotes.