World-class Services for Multimodal Commodity Shipping in Sydney

Organising shipments of imported and exported commodities is a complicated undertaking for businesses lacking the resources for the same. Which is why professional freight forwarders are high on demand among business organisations involved in international trade. Freight forwarders carry out strategic logistics planning and execution to ensure smooth movements of goods on behalf of the shippers. Whether it is freight rate negotiations or documentation or customs clearance or freight consolidation, professional freight forwarders carry out a number of tasks associated with freight shipping.

Freight and More is a leading freight forwarding company having a highly experienced professional team well versed in the field of global freight shipping. The services are offered for international shipments of imported/exported goods and freight incoming or outgoing under Trade Agreements Sydney. Domestic freight shipping and local transportation services are also provided by the company.

Seamless International Shipping

Freight and More handles both sea and air freight movements on a global level. It has a vast network of agents, offices and warehouses to ensure smooth international freight forwarding. The network covers Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australasia. Thus, services are available for both imported and exported commodities coming in and going out of Australia and other countries.

The international freight experts of the company help in selecting the best routes and carriers, and negotiate cost effective freight charges such as cargo booking charges, cargo insurance premiums and others. Moreover, the company is also well versed in the laws governing international shipping of goods and helps in procuring the correct documentation including import/export license, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, bill of lading, airway bill and Trade Agreements Sydney as per the nature of the cargo and other factors.

The company also manages the logistics of hauling the freight from the shipper’s location to seaport or airport, taking charge of the goods at the destination, warehousing and delivery.

Quick Customs Clearance

Freight and More has its own custom brokers at both ends to get the freight passed through the customs checkpoints. The customs documents such as packing list, shipping bill, warehouse receipts and others are prepared exactly in accordance with the relevant customs laws applicable on the cargo at the origin and the destination countries.

Efficient Interstate Shipping

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for domestic shipments as well. Freight shipped within Australia through various modes such as road, rail, sea and air come under the ambit of its services. The freight forwarding network of the company is present across cities and states in Australia.

Local transportation services are available to deliver goods right at the doorsteps. To this end, a fleet of transport vehicles is available.


Freight and More is not only present in Sydney but in many other locations across Australia such as Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. The company offers no-obligation free price quotes to entities interested in its services.